Admost Mediation Router

Maximize your ad revenues for your apps and games from all major ad networks with powerful and independent mediation tool

What is Admost Mediation?

Admost is a full-cycle mobile monetization tool with its 3 main functions; Mobile Mediation, Revenue Analytics, and Cross Promotion. Admost Mediation is an unbiased, client-based mediation system which optimizes the ad networks per each user due to the quality of the user.

Which problem does Admost solve?

The main revenue stream of freemium applications is based on in-app mobile advertisement through ad networks. And it is almost impossible to indicate any network is the best for all variables. Each ad network may have a comparative advantage to each other due to their eCPM, fill rate, top GEO inventory, ad type, advertisers… and also the audience and type of the application, itself. To manage all these ad networks manually within considering all variables is almost impossible, and choosing the optimal mediation system is an executive decision to provide you the maximized ad revenues. Admost personalized waterfall optimization is a revolutionary feature; which instantly and dynamically routes the potentially best yielding waterfall per each user at each ad request. Wherever the user is located, Admost focus on the user itself, rather than mass country data optimization

How does Admost solve this problem?

Admost is a client-server tool; its client part is an SDK embedded into apps and its server part is a database which keeps all the statistics collected from ad networks and its own SDK.

Admost SDK counts all impression numbers in each app for each ad placement and country and sends all these data to the database, also imports only revenue data from each ad network per country and placement by APIs automatically. eCPM rates are calculated in AMR database itself. Admost SDK pulls eCPM rates of each ad network for all the ad placements in the app for the country where the user opens the app.

Apps call only Admost SDK to get a list of ad networks in order of waterfall algorithm, so applications know which ad network is better to serve in order.

Admost SDK’s profession is just routing the app in order of calling ad networks to maximise the earnings.

Where the revenue goes?

Admost works just as a router between ad networks and publishers. There is no cash flow through Admost. Publishers collect all withdrawals from owned ad network accounts as usual.

What does Admost dashboard show?

Admost’s fully transparent & advanced dashboard provides all the data collected and calculated to the publishers. Publishers have the flexibility of tracking the performance of each ad network in various aspects; ad network, ad zone, ad type, and placement… within ad request, fill rate and calculated/ imported eCPM and impression numbers on country-basis.

What is the differences of Admost from other mediation systems?

Most of the mediations systems are the extension or part of an ad network, where they try to serve their own inventory first for the qualified audience. And distribute the rest of the ad request to other ad networks, or allocate themselves due to the quality of the users. Which provides a conflict of interest and unfair competition among ad networks.

Admost, not an extension of an ad network or does not have any organic relation with any of the ad network, is an unbiased publisher friendly monetization tool which only focuses on maximizing the ad revenue and satisfies all needs of the publishers.

At most of the mediation system, the waterfall algorithm is based on manual adjustments, where eCPM rates fluctuate and it’s almost impossible to keep all adjustments updated. Or based on classic vertical waterfall optimization, where ad networks are vertically aligned due to eCPM rates only or within additional variables from the mass country data optimization. Also, mediation systems consider calculated eCPM rates from ad networks to generate the waterfall. Though the impression count of each ad network may alter, so the comparison of ad networks’ eCPMs is like comparing apples to pears. Which also provide an unfair competition. A lots of effort and not the optimal choice, right?

Admost counts all impression on each client and calculates the eCPM rates on its own database and predicate on those calculated rates for generating the waterfall which provides an accurate comparison. The waterfall is personally and dynamically generated at each ad request due to the quality of the user. Rather than mass data optimization, Admost evaluates the user itself. The primary objective is to gain maximum efficiency from each ad network per each user.

What is the termination period?

Publishers can terminate the contract anytime they want.

Admost may have the right to terminate the contract if the invoices are not paid in 60 days.